Kurt Staeuble


Kurt Staeuble
119 Hidden Lake Circle
Sacramento, CA 95831

Ministry Passions

Ministry Employment

Senior Pastor, Greenhaven Neighborhood Church 2004 – Present
630 Ark Way, Sacramento CA 95831

Associate Pastor, Bear Valley Church 1998-2004
26180 Plateau Way, Tehachapi CA 93561

Youth Pastor, Canyon Lake Community Church 1986-1998
30515 Railroad Canyon Road, Canyon Lake CA 92587

Ministry Intern, Crossroads Bible Church 1984-1986
1670 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose CA 95128

Ministry Education

Masters of Biblical Sciences, Chafer Theological Seminary 1997
1800 E. La Veta Avenue, Orange CA 92866 (www.chafer.edu)

Bachelors in Theology, Grace School of Theology and Ministry 1986
140 Gregory Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 (www.gstm.org)
Ministry Experience

Ministry Experience


I was born in Seal Beach, California. I came to receive God’s gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ when I was in the fourth grade. While at school, a classmate presented me with a basic explanation of the plan of salvation. He explained that man was a sinner, and that because God was holy, I could not enter into heaven when I died. He then told me that God had sent His Son Jesus to live a sinless life and die on the cross for my sins. He informed that if I believed this to be true, that I ought to pray and confess my sins to God, and ask Jesus Christ to be my Savior (Not bad witnessing for a fourth grader!).

This friend also invited me to join his family when they went to church on Sunday. So, I began to attend a large Baptist church (First Baptist Church of Lakewood) in Long Beach, California. Here I began to better understand exactly who God was and what He had done for me. During an evening service, Ken Poure, the director of Hume Lake Christian Camps spoke about the Gospel. It was during his message that I truly believe I grasped the message of Good News.

Prior to entering ministry I owned a Chick-Fil-A franchise in Santa Monica, California. Some of my interests include fishing, snowboarding (a recent convert due to my daughter’s insistence), basketball, reading, guitar and the outdoors.

Sara was born in West Virginia, and moved to California when she was 7. She came to know Christ as a teenager, and became a discipleship group leader in the young adult class at her church. Sara has a passion for teaching women to know God’s Word and walk in His counsel. She is a certified teacher of Precept Bible study classes and has taught numerous studies for women. Sara attended some Bible College classes with Kurt at Grace School of Theology and Ministry in Pleasant Hill, California. Sara enjoys a good movie and spending time with her family.

Lauren (16)
Lauren came into our home via adoption at the age of 5 days. She professed to have received Christ at the age of 7. She was president of the Christian club at her Junior High during her 8th grade year. She has been involved in numerous short-term mission ventures, including a trip to Panama in 2004 and the Czech Republic in 2005. Lauren presently serves on the youth leadership team of her youth group. She is musically talented, playing the piano, guitar and bass guitar. She is the leader of her youth group’s worship band. Lauren loves outdoor activities such as snowboarding and river rafting.

Aaron (13)
We met Aaron at the age of 6 months. We had recently learned that a proposed Russian adoption had fallen through, and weren’t sure what God had planned for us. As we sought His will, God led us to adopt Aaron (who has Down syndrome). Aaron has been a fantastic blessing for our home, and we have learned many lessons from him. He loves sports, computer games and cheeseburgers. Wherever he goes, Aaron is always well-loved.

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